Here are some examples of tree projects we have worked on.

We are happy to offer advice and issue no-obligation quotes for anything to related to trees, hedges and landscaping including trees with TPOs.

We can advise on the best choice of tree, especially for screening, and how different varieties will grow over time.

Please contact us for an informal chat.

Stump ready for grinding
Stump grinder in action
Stump completely gone!
Willow Reduction
A Willow tree before a reduction
Willow reduction
Willow reduction
The finished Willow
Dismantling a large evergreen
Evergreen removed
Felling tree in front garden
Pruning branches before removing stump
Overgrown silver birch tree
Silver birch crown thinned and pruned
Sycamore crown before thinning
Sycamore crown thinned and reduced
Massive Acacia tree!
Massive Acacia – Felled and cleared.
Large hedge to be trimmed
Hedge being trimmed
Tree to be felled
Tree removed
Tree removal
Tree felled